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8mm Film Transfer background Music

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8mm Film Transfer Background Music

8mm Film Transfer Background Music

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This option is mainly for our 8mm film transfer service. If you have sound on your Cine film Reels then we include it for free of charge during our film transfer process

However 97% of cines we receive for film transfer has no sound and is totally silent eg 8mm film. The problem with viewing old movies in stone cold silence is that they don't seem real as they have lost ambience and emotion.

To eradicate this we offer a service where we edit in some background music or even some authentic projector noise during the 8mm cine transfer process. This music really brings your movie back to life. Client's say all those memories come flooding back particularly if you select music from the particular era when the film was initially recorded.

Remember that you can simply adjust the volume control on your sound system TV or PC. If you order this service and we later find that you already have some sound on your old cine films then we will obviously not perform this service and refund this fee.

Remember this is for 8mm film transfer and not super8 film transfer as Super 8 tends to have sound recorded.

Regardless of how many copies you have we do NOT charge this fee again. So if you have 1 DVD copy or 100 then the price is still £15.00. However if your films will not fit on one DVD (eg over 90 mins long) then we will need to do a set of DVD's and the cost is £15.00 for each DVD. Eg if you 3 DVD's in the set then the price is 3 x £15.00 = £45.00

8mm Film Transfer Background Music - 3 Choices:

8mm Film Transfer Background Music - 3 Choices:

1. FILM PROJECTOR SOUND - Authentic sound of a film projector running in the back ground

2. WE PROVIDE MUSIC - With this you have 7 choices of music which is pure instrumental music (no singing - we leave that to you!) just make your selection above

Unsure which one for your 8mm film transfer ? We can post you a CD of any album at just £5 each. (eg 50's, 70's, Classical). That way you can listen to each disc at home and let us know which type of music. You keep these discs and add them to your music collection!

3. YOUR OWN MUSIC - Send us your own music and we'll edit this in as background music on your DVD during our 8mm film transfer. We can either repeat a track or play the whole album. If you only want certain tracks on your DVD, or tracks in a certain order then you have two choices;

a. You re-record these yourselves onto another CD or
b. we can do this for a small charge. The music must be on CD otherwise there will be a separate charge to for us to transfer it to CD (we cannot accept reel to reel anymore)

Adding music or sound during your 8mm film transfer will not reduce quality

Have I got sound on my Films ?

Have I got sound on my Films ?

Film Background Music - 3 Choices:

1. Authentic Film Projector
The sound of a an old film projector chugging away in the background

2. We can supply the Music
We have a collection of 7 different styles which we can edit onto your DVD or Video. They are purely instrumental eg there is no singing or voices (we leave that pleasure to you !)

3. You Supply the Music on CD

Just enclose a CD with your Cine films and we'll edit this in during the 8mm film transfer to DVD. We can put a single track on a loop or just record the entire CD onto the DVD. If the CD comes to and end we will repeat the CD. Sadly we no longer take reel to reels however we can accept Vinyl Records and Audio Cassettes at an extra fee of £25

How do I know if there is audio on my old Cine Films ?

This is an easy way to check. Towards the close of the great 8mm cine film and Super8mm cine film era, a brand new film format was introduced called Super8 cine which had sound.

It's easy to work out if your films are silent (eg 8mm) or have sound eg Super8. Simply look at a strip of film and if it has a thin brownish strip along the edge then it has sound. This strip is basically audio cassette tape). We'll filter, digitise and optimise any audio on your film and transfer at no extra charge.

If you are uncertain which one to select then let us send you a copy of the CD. (eg 60's, 80's, Wedding Music). This allows you to listen to them in the comfort of your own home. Each CD costs £5.00 and you get to keep these for your music collection

Add life to you silent 8mm film transfer and get some Background music !

Review: 8mm Film Transfer with Sound

"Thank for the music .... it really brings the DVD to life. We shall definately recomend you 8mm film transfer operation to our Village Forum"
Richard & Wendy Simpson - Warrington

"Terrible choice of music! Only joking Paul, but it did get us all crying .. it has really brought the family together in light of the recent events."
Darren Charnwood - Southend-on-Sea

"We are so happy with the music ... we have seen these films many times before on the old projector which as you know has packed up hence the transfer to DVD. This music option is a great new service, I only wished you offered it last year"
Anne Reading - Dundee

I had my 8mm flim transfer done by you last month and I have to say I am delighted with the results.... the background music just sounded like it was made for the video. Thansk so much
Pat Kane - St Helens

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