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Add titles to your DVD eg Jones Family 1972

Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  Add titles to your DVD eg Jones Family 1972

Screen Titles  e.g. The End !

Screen Titles e.g. The End !

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Film Transfer Titles

Film Transfer Titles

As standard your DVD will have automatic chapter points approx 4 minutes apart. Just press your SKIP button and it will move on 4 minutes. If you want to move on 20 mins then press skip 5 times (5 x 4 mins = 20).

Want more than this? Add titles which appear on screen at the beginning of each reel. Maybe a title at the start of each Film eg Reel 3 "Day trip to London" , "Longleat Safari" , "The End" Cost £58 per DVD with a maximum of 30 Titles (on a 2 hour DVD that's a title every 4 minutes!) Obviously if you want copies of the DVD then you don't pay the £58 again, we just copy from the master with Titles on it. Remember that you will still have automatic chapter points every 4 minutes.

Want personalised Chapters like you get on a DVD movie? We can do this with a Menu Screen where you select which scene. This is called Authoring and is an expensive process which you may wish to consider carefully. We offer a number of packages which start at £380

What Will I get ?

We can add up to 30 titled sections to each finished DVD / Video movie to max of 120 mins. Most customers want a title at the Start of each Cine Film eg Reel 3
"Day trip to London"

or maybe just one at the front of the film eg

"The Smith Family 1930 to 1956"
"To Grandma love Jill and Steve"
"Electronics of the Fifties"
"London Super8 Society Films Presents...."

and a title at the end eg.

"Let the memories live on - THE END!"

Be adventurous, make your movie a Cinema sensation.

Ordering Titles is Simple !

Ordering Titles is Simple !

1. Select a Style above and Add to Basket.

2. When you box up your films, simply jot down on a piece of paper what titles you want for each reel.

You have Three Choices of Style

1. Plain White text on Plain black background (nice and clear)
Flat £58

2. Old Fashioned; as above but the text will be old fashioned and the corners of the screen will have curly borders - emulating the old Charlie Chaplin Films.
£58 + £10

3. Custom Design - made to your specification. This costs a little extra. Unless it is simple, eg Picture of Jpeg file of Grandad with words overlaid ''To Grandad love Jane'' then there may be further charges. Call us to discuss what you want or simply sketch down your design. In most cases we can fit it in within these costs.
£58 + £15

Remember this covers for 30 titles on one DVD, if you want more then put the Quantity as 2 and this will get you 60 titles on 2 DVDs if you want more than then then Quantity is 3 and so forth.

Customer Review of Film Titles

"Glad I went for this as it helped show the family the whole family history throughout the years"
George Vincent - Isle of Wight
8mm film transfer

"Everything was fine. The cine films were transferred ok and I didn't have to wait too long for them, so I'm very content. Thank you"
Carol Bristol - Milton Keynes
Super8 / 8mm film transfer

"Thanks everything was great, we have sent the DVD to our elderly relatives to view as it was their cine films. Many thanks"
Peter - North London
8mm film transfer

"Many thanks for a very quick and efficient service. If I find any more old films in the attic I'll send them down"
Paul - Manchester
8mm film transfer

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Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  Add titles to your DVD eg Jones Family 1972

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