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Cine Film Transfer Testimonials

Cine Film Transfer Testimonials

We all know that anyone can paste anything on their web site to make it look like it came from a client. This is easy to do and almost impossible to verify.

Whilst we have been receiving praise and compliments from our clients for many years, we have struggled with how to show them in a way that inspires some confidence that they are indeed real people using their own words. To solve that problem we created this interactive list of testimonials. Existing customers can now use this freely to express, in their own words, their first hand experiences with our film transfer service and our team.

Please read them carefully, some of them are not praise !

At the bottom of the page is some ACTUAL emails

Sadly due to unscrupulous competitors trying to steal clients, we have had to ***** out some personal information. We would encourage anyone to comment freely and openly about their experience whilst working with us.

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Recent Review's

Recent Review's

Excellent work and order tracking I recently sent 5 very old cine films of our family to be put on a DVD. Every part of the process was very satisfactory including the clear directions and attention to tracking the order. We were very pleased with the final product and will use you for any future orders. Every step was done in a quality manner.

Regards Dennis Norman, Wales

Can`t say enough... I can`t say enough about your cine service. You answered all my question, responded within hours to them, and let me know when the films arrived. Your prices are also very good indeed.... I did a lot of shopping around.... Thank you.

Gabriel Gee, Wiltshire

This is my second dealings with you…. I guess I must be satisfied. Actually the best testimonial is that we have referred friends and relatives to you in recognition of the quality of your work and your willingness to respond fully to the many questions we posed. Thanks.

Richard Kettle Gloucester

I`m appalled!!! At your competitors! Customer service - You deserve a 10 ! I had many questions, most of them stupid I know. One by phone before sending order and several via e-mail and that text chat thing. Your associates were beyond great in their response. I really did not know what I needed to get these DVDs copied and their answers were helpful.

Mary Ferrel, Scotland

Absolutely wonderful The speed with which you processed my orders and the quality of both the product and your customer service is incomparable. I had some videos transferred by a different firm and was very unhappy with the results and with their customer service. I''m glad I chose VT.TV to do my films. I`m now preparing to have you transferred all my old films had in the loft since the early 1960s. Digital is the ONLY way to go...

Steven Shield, Newbury

Thank you It is so refreshing to find a company willing to go that extra step that provides courtesy, service and professionalism. The quality of your work is excellent and very reasonably priced. You can look forward to doing some more work for my company in the near future….. The care in which my videos were handled when they arrived at your facility and the care taken upon their return was efficient and caring. I will be sending some other videos and will tell to use you...

Frank Forthway, Yorkshire

Just wanted to Thank You for getting my order done in time back in March, I needed my husbands 70 Cine Films made into a movie in time for his surprise birthday party, you wound up making a DVD to accommodate the date, it was such a GREAT show and we let it run all night during the party, since it was 20 years of surfing and beach shots, there were many people glued to the TV to catch a glimpse of themselves in their glory

Pam Stollen, Manchester

While sorting things out in order to prepare to sell our parents home, we found some of our Dads old slides that he used to show with the projector and screen. We were so excited and searched for a way to organize and display the slides for his Memorial Service. We found your user friendly website, and sent you a few slides to determine the quality of your work. We were so thrilled to receive the CD''s! We''ve been watching them non-stop ever since. The quality is excellent,

Anne Mannington, Cheshire

What an unbelievable production. I sent in family films from over a 70 year time span to create a DVD Show for my parents 50th wedding anniversary. I also included music to accompany. What was achieved was beyond my wildest dreams and expectations. I don''t know if they studied the words in the songs selected but some of the photos matched the lyrical content of the songs to a tee. What was created was an emotional masterpiece that touched everyone in attendence,

Robert Bark, Wells

After recently closing the estate of a relative, and throwing away thousands of cine films, I decided that I wanted my own films to end up with a kinder fate. I researched cine transfer companies and selected VT.TV to transfer 30 of my favorite reels to save electronically for the kids. They were an excellent choice on every level - top-notch service and a high-quality product. The DVDs were much higher quality than I expected and I can see details that I never noticed were there before!!!

Angus Arnett, Aberdeenshire

Thanks for making our slides so much easier to enjoy. The images are so much sharper than I imagined they could be, and viewing the photos on the discs has revived so many treasured memories. Working with your organisation was a pleasure as well. You kept us informed every step of the way, which helped us to feel comfortable that you knew how important our slides are to us. Thanks again,

Judy Olivier, Hull

Once again, my (second) large order has been handled to my complete satisfaction. Your staff are a joy to work with; attitude, goals, abilities and efficiency exceed ones normal expectations. You have made the experience a stress-free pleasure. Thank you so much!

John Hodges Bristol

Excellent End-to-End Service I would highly recommend VT.TV to anyone considering digitizing their film. From their easy to use web page and estimating my cost to giving me the shipping label and finally the excellent conversion of my films this has been the best web service I have had the pleasure to use.

Gerry, Wales

Well done! Everything was perfect and arrived on time. The DVDs were to be used in a wedding reception. Thank you for making it all happen and so effortlessly. Best regards,

Mandy Edwards, Liverpool

Very impressive company we just got back our DVD and everyone is 100% satisfied. The finished product was better than we could have imagined. Some of our cine films were in terrible condition but you can''t tell. It didn''t take very long to transfer the reels and return the finished product to me. I had to have several emails with the company and I felt like I was being treated as their only customer. The staff was very helpful and let me know where in the process my films were at all times

Liz Reedy, London

Excellent Service! The service we received from ''VT.TV'' was fab! Any questions we had regarding the conversion of video to DVDs were answered fully. Our order was placed shortly before Christmas and they managed to get everything finished and shipped back to us in time for Christmas gift giving, despite the Xmas rush! Whether by phone or email the staff always responded intelligently to our inquiries each step of the way. I would not hesitate to recommend this company to any on...

Sandy Mc Kennon, Ireland

Actual Emails

Actual Emails

From: TERRY ##############
To: Joan

Subject: Re: Thank you Jess

Yes very happy with everything thanks. Could you pass on a message for me please. Could you tell sales that the first DVD copy has turned out to be the best and to use that for the run please, they will understand.

Thanks again to evertyone the help was first class. Terry Mason

-----Original Message-----
To: Paul
From: David MacKinnon:
Subject: Thanks a million

Have just received the film that I sent you and the DVD. May I say how impressed I am with your cine service. Fast and great quality.

You may quote me on this if you like. Many thanks to Paul and Jane.

-----Original Message-----
From: Justin Burton [mailto:justin********nhs.uk]
Sent: 15:33
To: Cine-to-DVD
Subject: RE: Update on your Order No. 15317894

Many thanks for the prompt service, I must say I am very impressed you met the deadline




From: Kim [mailto:Kim.*****-Bailey@london.gov.uk]
Sent: 10:33
To: Paul - Cine

Subject: RE: Kim , just checking your order was ok

Hi Paul and Joan

Thank you very much - I did receive my converted cine films yesterday and got to enjoy watching them last night.

I thought your service was excellent, very easy to deal with and Paul was extremely helpful in answering my “many” queries. I would definitely use your service again and recommend you to others.

As a comment, I did think that when watching the DVDs, you would have removed most, if not all, of the “white blanks” from the end of the reel, between each of the “footages” - however, I do recognise that this may have been a particularly big job, especially with so may films. Also, you may wish to review/speak to your courier company, as there was some problems in initially getting the film collected.

I say the above, as I agree that constructive feedback is very useful. All that said, I was extremely pleased with your service and the results....and I”m sure my family will be equally delighted this Christmas!

kind regards


-----Original Message-----
From: neil@purple*****.co.uk [mailto:neil@###############.co.uk]
Sent: 22:17
To: Paul -
Subject: Re: Neil Doughty, Purple *****Productions Ltd just checking order was ok


Thanks for the email.

We are totally happy with everything. The service and help we got was brilliant and everything was just so straightforward.

We will no doubt be using you again.


Neil Doughty

-----Original Message-----
From: Graham Hill [mailto:graham.hill@mo*****bedding.co.uk]
Sent: 09:18:06
To: Paul
Subject: RE: Graham Hill, *****Fillings just checking

Good morning Joan,

Thank you for your message, I can confirm dealing with your company was very good. Following my order I was phoned very quickly to be advised no stock was available and was offered an alternative. These arrived very quickly and well packaged. Communications were excellent. Thank you; a very good system and operators you have there.

Best regards,
Graham Hill
Customer Services Manager
***** Fillings Ltd

From: Tim #### [mailto:tim****@opendoorsuk.org]
Sent: 17:09
To: Sales
Subject: RE: Tim #####, Open Doors With Brother Andrew j


very happy all arrived safely and in good time as it was a quick order.

Kind regards,

---------------------------Original Message-------------------

From: nigelb [mailto:nigelb@webxxxxxxxx.net]

To: Sales
Subject: Re: Nigel Batting, order Cine

Joan, I am m very happy with the order, good price and delivered promptly.



-----Original Message----- -----Original Message-----
From: Jason Gairn [mailto:jasongairn@#####.co.uk]
To: Sales

Subject: Re: Jason

Thank you Joan, the order was good. I am happy. more soon,

Jason gairn. ##### Films.

-----Original Message-----
From: Mr. S

Sent: 24 October 10:26
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Thanks

Good morning Joan

Yes thanks I''m happy with everything, really good turnaround time on the second transfer.

Best regards


From: bobsanderson######.com [mailto:bobsanderson@######.com]
-----Copy Message-----
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Thanks

Hi Joan,

thanks for your follow up. Yes I received my order promptly and it was good to be able to track it on your system.I will most definitely use your transfer services again.

Suggestion Currently I do not print directly to disc, I use labels. It would be useful if you stocked a range of labeling products such as fellowes / Neato, things like DVD case inserts and CD labels you would then be a one stop shop.


Bob ########
From: jo hunter [mailto:jo@cirqu#####.co.uk]
Sent: 09:33
To: Joan
Subject: REF: Cine Order

Hi Joan,

Everything was great thank you, really pleased.

Best wishes

Jo Hunter

-----------------------Original Message-------------------
Tel: 0117 902 #####
Email: jo@cirqu#####.co.uk

From: Barry Aitken [mailto:barry@#######.plus.com]
Sent: 19:46
To: “Sales”
Subject: RE: Barry Aitken,

Hi Joan,

No problems whatso ever, excellent service. I ordered and got the “we have your card details” screen and my order went through. I subsequently received an email to say you didn”t have my card details and I contacted the tel number given to be told you no longer keep details for more than 30 days. I gave my card details and the goods arrived the following day.



-----Original Message-----
From: www.######lemusic.com [mailto:info@#######music.com]
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Music Cd

Hi Joan

Everything was great cheers, the CD looks great.

The only thing was our order was delayed by 4 working days - that is the only thing that I can find wrong. The service was great.



-----------------------Original Message-------------------
From: Christopher Frederick [mailto:christopherfrederick@########.net]
Sent: 200..5 13:02
Subject: Re: Christopher , Tr######Limited

Dear Joan

I think you”re a great company and we have been very well looked after by Paul.

So I hope you won't mind my making one comment. You are far too automated in your communications and they often do not make sense. For example, our first order wasn”t last week but on 8th Sept.



01749 ###
07976 #######

........ Customer had several orders on at the same time

-----Original Message-----
From: xxxxxmusic.com [mailto:info@##########.com]
To: Sales
Subject: Re: John , xxxxxx Music just checking order was ok

Hi Joan

Thanks for the e-mail.

Everybody has been really helpful, right from when we were asking for quotes a sample CD was sent out to us straight away.

As soon as we sent the artwork and CD off, we have been in close contact with ***. A slight amendment in the artwork was fixed quickly and efficiently as we were able to keep in contact through telephone and email.

We are expecting the product back sometime this week / early next and are really looking forward to receiving it.



-----Original Message-----
From: Simon Harvey [mailto:s_t_harvey@xxxxxxxx.com]
To: sales@
Subject: RE: Simon Harvey, Waterfall******* just checking order was ok

Hi thanks for the email,

My order last week wasnt my first order, I made one about 3 months ago alas, which was fine thank you, very good service.

My order from last week hasnt actually arrived yet, should it have arrived by now?



-----------------------Original Message-------------------
From: Helen Wiggins [mailto:helenwiggins@bristol.hoarelXXXXea.com]
No. 27276op838
To: Sales
Subject: RE: Helen just checking order was ok

Hello Joan

Yes everything was fine thanks, I was happy with the prompt service and wouldn't hesitate to use you again.

Kind regards

Helen Wiggins
Team Secretary

-----Original Message-----
From: Nick Allport [mailto:nick@club####.com]
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Nick Allport, Club ####just checking order was ok

Hi ,

Yes everything fine thanks. The cd mailers are great, I Will be ordering more once of got through this lot!

Thanks, nick
From: nik coley [mailto:misterhussy@#####.co.uk]

-----------------------copy Message-------------------
To: Sales
Subject: Re: Nik Coley, just checking order was ok

thanks, the order arrived very quickly, which i was well pleased with.

I was also very pleased with the quality of the CD printing, looked really good. just one little thing about the CD printing process - the templates weren”t available on the website to download; I had to email support for them to email me one. it would be nice if they were on the site already. plus the templates were scanned jpgs, which were only slightly helpful.

It might be worth your while to have a look at the ww.amstore.co.uk site (although i don”t use them any more cos their service was terrible) their templates however were really good, in loads of different formats including photo shop and illustrator, which i useall the time for my artwork.

hope that helps,

nik coley

.................... corrected

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