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FREE ! Storage of your old Cine Films

Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  FREE ! Storage of your old Cine Films

Free Film Storage!

Free Film Storage!

Let us Store your old films and video's safely and securely for free.

Consider the following:

1. What are you going to do with your old cine films
2. Where are you going to store them
3. Are you ever going to use them again
4. Do you even know how to store cine films so they don't deteriorate even more?

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Are there any hidden costs - why Free ?

No hidden cost! Film Storage is totally free. If you want them back at any time Just call us - the only charge is the delivery of your films (maximum £15 for UK mainland) or you may collect your movie films for free.

We do this as it saves us money as your films cost us quite a lot in packing time, packing material and carriage to return, just sending DVD copies of your films is smaller and lighter.

The facility was set up for Videos, then CD and DVD came along which used 1/4 the space. Now with the electronics revolution CDs and DVDs are archived as AVIs and MPEG clips we have even more space.

FAQ for 8mm, 16mm, Super8 Storage

FAQ for 8mm, 16mm, Super8 Storage

> How long will you store them ?

Whatever time you personally specify when placing your film transfer order. You then have plenty of time to consider if you want your old cine films back. 99% of our clients don't want their cine films returned and as such we have the right to destroy them after the time you specify (unless you have written confirmation from us that we won't). However, in most cases this is rarely done unless we need the space. This service is intended to protect your cine films whilst you consider the quality of the film transfer we perform. In the highly unlikely event you are unhappy with our film transfer and want your transfer to DVD done again (either by us or someone else) you can call us and get your original cine films back.

> Why is it better that you store my cine films ?

Cine films will be safer with us in terms of loss, fire, damage and prevention of deterioration. It also saves us money as your films cost us quite a lot in packing time, packing material and carriage to return. Finally, we have lots of space! Our Archive storage facility is only at 25% capacity and we estimate that it would take another 20 odd years to fill it up again. The reason is that we have recently archived a huge video library we were holding onto DVD and disposed of the original videos at the clients request. The space this has created is wasted and may as well go to good use.

> What if you pack up or go bust ?

As a family business since 1989 we own all our buildings (free of loans or mortgage). We have no intention of finishing and have plans for at least another 25 years. In any event the Archive is bonded with solicitors and in our Articles of Association. Meaning any Official Receivers are Law and Duty Bound to contact each user giving them 3 months to take any stored material back.

> How are my films Stored ?

There are particular requirements for video and film archive storage. Particularly Super8 film, this is because Super-8 films contain sound which is recorded on magnetic audio tape running down the side of the film. It is critical to keep these Super 8 cine films away from magnets and electronics like your TV or video recorder otherwise the sound will be erased for ever.

Due to the volatile nature of all types of video and film the environmental storage conditions must be strictly controlled to minimise degradation. Our secure vaults are light, climate, temperature and humidity controlled to ensure the perfect storage environment. We store old movies for many a Cinema and thousands of videos for Blue Chip Companies, TV companies and Video Production Houses. Sophisticated software system allows us to catalogue cines with incredible accuracy. Soon it will allow our clients on-line access to query our database for specific information regarding their archive material. Once the film stored has been located our easy and intuitive interface makes the re-ordering or returning process easy.


Nitrate base film must be handled with care as it is relatively unstable. Just 4000 feet or more without proper ventilation can become a major fire hazard. While it deteriorates, the film makes a kind of pressure cooker of the film can in which it rests. If the gases can't escape, heat builds and spontaneous combustion is common. In a test a decomposing 1,000 foot roll of film spontaneously ignited at 41°C after just 17 days tightly encased in a can. Fumes from burning film are highly toxic!

After we complete your 16mm, Super8 or 8mm film transfer let us store your films safely and securely

> Simple Small Print:

We do not have the right to charge any fees whatsoever. Should reasonable circumstances prevail we do have the right to refuse storage at any time, and make available your material for delivery or collection giving 3 months notice to the last known address on file.

SAFE - SECURE - STORAGE - FREE! Just call if you ever want them back

Review of Storage after film transfer

"Thank you for storing my 8mm films, I have spoken to my husband and he said he is very happy with the DVD and to go ahead and destroy the films"
Pauline Johnston - Aberdeenshire
8mm film transfer

"I received my films safely today thank you for asking, and thank you for storing them so well for so long"
Wendy Redcar - Basingstoke
Super8 / 8mm film transfer

"... as expected my hubby has agreed that he doesn't need the cine films any longer so please accept this written request to destroy them"
Christine Knowsley - Colchester
8mm film transfer

"Your film transfer was excellent thank you for taking the time to email me... please hold onto the films for a little longer"
Brian Winter - Oxford
Super8 film transfer

"Just a quick line to says thanks for returning my films free of charge. I do admit there was some confusion when ordering. I thought you automatically sent them back. Anyway they are here and safe now and it was a really nice guesture not to charge us"
Julie Poole - Peterborough
8mm film transfer

"I will definately recommend your 8mm film transfer service at the next meeting"
Bryan Wealden Smith - Home Counties
8mm film transfer

"You have had our cine films in storage at your Bristol Studios, please go ahead and destroy these. Thanks again for looking after them"
George and Maria Basildon - Wolverhampton
16mm and 8mm film transfer

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Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  FREE ! Storage of your old Cine Films

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