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Film Transfer - Quality Enhancement Service

Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  Film Transfer - Quality Enhancement Service

Film Enhancement

Film Enhancement

Price: 1.00


The price is £1 per 1 minute of footage (£1 a minute)

Eg if you have 60 mins then the price is 60 x £1 = £60 (eg put '60' in the quantity box)

Can't afford it?

Don't worry as you can just order say 30 mins worth (£30) and even if your films are say 2 hours we will spend just 30 mins on Enhancement. Please don't order more than required eg if you have 3 hours of cine then do not order more than 3 hours of Enhancement as your money will be wasted as there is only so much we can do.

All films no matter the condition will benefit. Basically in the old days there was no adjustments for Chrominance (colour) and Luminance (brightness) on these old cine camera's when filming. Therefore when you filmed you just got one fixed setting. Unlike today's camera which can be manually or more likely auto adjust to the current ambient light settings. As such your films will not be colourised to their best. All we do is a white balance and then we tweek the colours to make them more natural. The usual sepia or purple faces appear pink again and the grass goes back to green.

What is Film Transfer Enhancement?

What is Film Transfer Enhancement?

There are many extra bits and pieces we can do during the transfer of your film to DVD, video, CD, VCD, AVI or MPEG.

There are also many neat tricks and gadgets we use to enhance the quality of your final movie. These are too many to mention here, however we have explained below just a few of the things we can do in order to obtain a superior cine film transfer.

I have editing software so do I need enhancement?

Post production software like Final Cut Pro does not negate the need for Enhancement. Eg we deep clean the film removing virtually all the hairs and scratches which could not be done by post production editing software as you would have to remove each scratch on every frame. Basically it is BEST to start with a good quality picture rather than transfer the film 'as is' and then tart it up later with image improvement software like Final Cut Pro. Eg we put your film through 'phyical' filters here rather than electronic filters so we are capturing at source rather than eliminating material and then trying to put it back in later.

If you wish you could just get us to clean the films and not even perform any Enhancement. To do this all you need to do is put 1/3rd the length in the quantity box. Eg if your films are 90 mins then type '30' in the QUANTITY box (90 divided by 3). We will then spend 30 mins de-oxidise, clean and lubricate the film which will remove lint and hairs, it will fill in scratches and make them more unnoticeable.

Why Enhance my Films ?

Why Enhance my Films ?

You only transfer your films once, so if you can afford these extra touches then go for it. Once your film is transferred to Digital there is never any more quality loss. Who knows whatever ever will come after DVD, however your material will still be digital and it will simply be a case of transferring it across to whatever the new digital format may be in future years of this electronics revolution; whether it be a website, mini VCD, a microchip on your phone, a little device in your sunglasses, an implant in your brain! They are all just "carriers" but they will all be DIGITAL therefore get this 'one time' Digital transfer right and the material is set up for a life time of high quality viewing and a top review from your family and friends!

This fee covers all of these enhancements below for up to one hour of footage. If you have three hours of footage then it is best to put the quantity as 3. However if you are limited on budget and you just put 1. Obviously we will spend this time accordingly on the most important aspects of your movie. We will do as much as possible with any extra amount of time you pay for. However you must not pay for more time than need eg if your film is 2 hours - do not pay for 3 hours as we can't work miracles, there is only so much we can do! One hour per hour of footage is more than ample for enhancements for optimum results.

What Film Enhancements do I get ?

What Film Enhancements do I get ?


Your cine films are watched and assessed by the Senior Technician who will make an assessment and review of your cines. Do not worry, he won't be calling you to discuss it. He will simply work out the best process for the transfer your films and what little adjustments that can be performed before we transfer them. These will all be done automatically and with no reference to you.

In summary, we can resolve all the typical problems with old film like over and under exposure, blurred images or lack of contrast. We utilise a pixel by pixel transfer. We use apparatus which is extremely high resolution to scan in your footage. The video data stream is then split into it's three main RGB colours of Red, Green and Blue.

You will also benefit from our newly designed optics which ensures your image is reproduced to the highest quality. Highly skilled colourists, the operators of this equipment, constantly monitor your footage during the transfer to ensure optimum light levels. This is similar to a scene by scene transfer. Our operators use the colour correction adjustments to brightness and colour to the Red, Green, Blue, Black, White and gamma, the mid tones of your footage. Such a level of correction and optimisation can not be achieved with any other transfer procedure.

Our EXTRA QUALITY film transfer begins with a three part film cleaning process. The first part consists of a deeper physical cleaning of your films, where we remove virtually all the dust and debris from your film. Obviously we cannot remove specs which were originally on the film camera lens as they have since been recorded onto film as part of the picture.

Secondly, a cleaning agent is applied to your film keeping your films hydrated and pliable during the film transfer process

Thirdly a special lubricating agent is applied to the film which fills in the inevitable little scratches, giving your film a light protective coating, which gives your film images a ''wet gate'' like appearance.

After this process, we then inspect your film, add any leader if necessary, and temporarily repair any torn sprocket holes, little tears, or bad splices allowing a very smooth almost seamless film transfer.

Also, at this point we may decide to combine any small film reels together onto one large archival reels for more compact and safer storage.


The second stage is the actual transfer of your precious films. Our bespoke film transfer equipment has an enlarged gate with a specialised light source. The enlarged film gate allows us to capture the entirety of each film frame. In fact, with this special gate we can capture a larger than necessary frame and spend much more time cropping it in the post production stage. Remember our cameras look directly into the gate and then as each film frame passes through a digital picture is taken.

These individual frames are then put into specialised software that interpolates the frames into a movie stream. This results in a solid, smooth, flickerless capture. Unlike super bright projector bulbs that tend to blow out a picture, our specialised light source provides a much softer and more realistic light giving more natural flesh tones in peoples faces. The bulb or light source as we call it also puts out much less heat than a projector bulb to eliminate the chance of burning your film.


LCA: Luminance / Chrominance Adjustment: We manually adjust and optimise film Colour and / or Contrast. In addition we compensate badly filmed footage adding a more colour. We use complex filters to make washy green faces on the film look bright and pink again although usually the images are already saturated with pink and so we normaly compensate for this and then add certain colours to bring the pink back out again resulting in more natural colours. This is an extremely complicated process and is a whole subject in itself.

Super8 Sound: For Super8 films with sound we have simply dozens of options for example we can record any interferring noise on your Super-8 and produce a filter which reverses it. This subject alone would make a 12 part documentary series.

Summary you will only transfer these films once so if you can afford this little extra then give us the chance to get your films beautiful again. From the silver screen cinema to the flat screen TV your DVDs will last you a life time. From Cine to video to VCD to CD to and now DVD (MPEG / AVI) your movies will preserve your heritage for generations to come.

Customer Review of our Film Transfer Enhancement

"Definately better thanks, I only wish I had the others films enhanced"
Mary Price - London
8mm film transfer

"We were very happy with the results. Its all turned out exactly how we wanted it. Many thanks for your speedy service"
Tom - Bristol
16mm film transfer

"Well worth it. I was reluctant to spend any more money as I had already had these films converted done before by another Cine company with poor results. I am happy to recommend this enhancment to anyone if you can afford it"
Burt Collins - West Country
Super 8 and 8mm film transfer

"At first I thought you were talking me into it but I'm so glad we did it. I know the films well so I can definately see the improvement. I am glad to write this testimonial to anyone else whose considering Video Enhancement"
Janet & Peter Hodge - Scotland
8mm film transfer

"Ive been meaning to thank all your members of staff on the conversion of the cine film that you did for me. The quality of it, is far better than I expected, and the price you did it at was fantastic. So thanks again to everyone, as you’ve helped make a birthday present very special. I would also like to add, that the order process was excellent, and being informed on every step of the way was great. Many Thanks"
Karl - West Midlands
9.5mm film transfer

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