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Cine Services |  Cine to AVI , Mov, Mpeg

Transfer Cine to AVI

Transfer Cine to AVI

Costs per minute 1.50


What format do you want?

Simple Flat Pricing: £1.50 per minute of domestic film (Super 8, 8mm, 16mm) transferred to DVD transferred to AVI clips, MPEG 2, MPEG4, ProRes, .MOV etc

Eg 10 reels of 4 minute films = £60 ( 10 reels x 4 minutes = 40 mins x £1.50 = £60 )

The minimum order is £25 and the minimum transfer is 25 minutes, should your films be less than 25 minutes then still put '25' in the Quantity box.

(Rare 9.5mm films - price is £2.00 per minute eg 60 mins cost £120 ie you put 120 in the QUANTITY field)

Calculate the film running time >>>

Notes / How many reels ? (doesn't affect price)

Optional Extra's:

1. Film Enhancement
2. We collect your films
3. Free Film Storage!
4. Cine Viewer / Projector Hire

Info: AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4, .MOV, PRO RES, DV file etc

How will the files come?

Two choices:

1. On Hard Drive - send us a PC / Mac compatible Hard drive and we will load the files onto this.

2. DVD - we will burn them onto DVDs (we supply). This is available for up to 2 hours (120 mins) off footage. File will come as on big file, we may split into several files if we believe it is too big to manage. We will leave short gaps between reels of film so it is obvious when you come to chop up the clips in your editing software.

Remember that we also supply you with a reference DVD. This is a normal playable DVD which you can play in any DVD player, this is so you can quickly watch the films without messing around loading editing files.

What Format Should I choose ?

There are lots of formats. First of all find out what software you are using and then look at the info below to see what format is acceptable by that software. Eg if you are using Windows Media Player then WMV is the best format.

PRO-RES 4444 (HD) Supplied as a MOV (QUICKTIME, FINAL CUT, FINAL CUT PRO) Surcharge

AVI (Windows Media Player, DIVX, Pinnicle Studio, Windows Movie Maker, Adobe Premier)
MPEG (Windows Media Player, DIVX, Pinnicle Studio, Adobe Premier)
WMV (Windows Media Player, Windows Movie Maker)
MOV (Apple Quicktime)

Ordering is Simple

Ordering is Simple

Ordering is so Easy !

• FREE DELIVERY ! Costs exclude VAT - go to Checkout to see final costs

• All Films: 8mm, Super8, 16mm & 9.5mm to AVI, MPEG 2, MPEG4, .MOV for Mac

• Fast Service: Average just 4 days with a max of 10 days or it's FREE!

We offer fast service, averaging just 4 days with an absolute maximum of 10 days. This service is for those of you who wish to edit these AVI clips, MPEG 2, MPEG4, .MOV etc into a movie or documentary yourself. Note if you have a Mini DV or DVCAM video camera then you may wish to order our Cine to Video service as it is cheaper. You don't need to be an electronics wizard or cinema expert as all you need to do is place the recorded video tape into your camera and Firewire it onto your PC for editing in AVI, MPEG or .MOV. You can then edit this into a movie and adjust picture and sound (if you have Super 8 cine film).

You may provide a drive to put the files on - otherwise we will put them onto DVDs. As a very, very rough guide we can put around 60 mins onto a DVD-R.

Remember we also offer 16mm, Super8, 8mm and 9.5mm to DVD, and Cine to Video

You can do absolutely everything here on this website then print off your order and send it in with your cine reels for film transfer or you can phone your order through or visit us personally.

Add up the number of minutes (eg. If you have ten 8mm 3 inch reels it becomes 10 x 4 mins = 40 min at £1.50 per minute that’s £60 ex VAT and delivery.

Order here Online or Phone us

1. Order Online - put the number of minutes in the Quantity box and click BUY NOW

2. Select any other extra's you require eg. Express Service, Film Collection Service, Cine Viewer Hire

3. Finalise by clicking Checkout, submit payment. (credit / debit card, cheque, bank transfer, Pay-Pal)

4. Now Print off your order and enclose a signed copy with your films to Cine to DVD, Portland Studios, 21 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SJ or we can collect your films from your home or work place anywhere in mainland UK for a small fee.

Confused ? We can take phone order and provide a quote in minutes.

No extra Fees

No extra Fees

1. Audio Transfer: If we find sound on your films (usually super8) we'll transfer it at no extra cost.

2. Multiple Film Sizes: There are many different sizes of films and speeds. We don't charge for mixed budles.

3. Picture Editing: Cine film by nature has a black fuzzy edge around them, we take the time to zoom in slightly to remove it. If you're concerned about cropping then see our Technical Page.

4. Lifetime Guarantee: The DVDs we use are professional Sony stock. If they fail under normal useage we will replace them free of charge

5. Film Speed Alteration: Many competitors of ours cheat - they load all your little films on one big reel then hit play and record and walk away. Not us, we do them one by one, ensuring each one is played back at the optimal speed, colour and focus

6. Reducing blank clips: We edit out the obvious unwanted portions eg the leader tape and the end bits which may not have been recorded on. This gives your movies an almost seamless flow.

7. Film Sequence: You may wish your cine films to be in a certain order. Just number then. We Don't charge

8. DVD Chapter Points: We automatically encode this on your dvds allowing you to skip big chunks whilst watching on your TV using your DVD remote controller.

9. Archive Copies: We hold backups of DVD's here incase yours get lost. If ever you need more then just call us.

Flicker Free Film Transfer

Flicker Free Film Transfer

The vast majority of cine film conversion companies in todays market are "work from home" operations who simply project the cine film onto a white wall or screen and record it with a video camera. They do this with the best of intentions, but the results are still very poor.

Some of these companies transfer your Super-8 cine films and mistake it for 8mm. The important mistake here is that super 8 cine films have sound recorded on to it. This sound is then lost forever if you can't remeber if it had sound or not. We are used to handling all types of cine films, any the audio will be transferred onto your DVDs or Videos free of charge. 8mm, Super8, 9.5mm and 16mm are the most common formats.

The big problem with transferring cine films is the flicker effect. This is because cine film was recorded at 18 or 24 frames per second and TV footage is at 25 frames per second. Unless your footage is synchronised you get a "flicker" due to missed frames. What you end up with is a DVD or Video which have the same quality as an old Charlie Chaplin film at the cinema.

Some of the better companies try to reduce the flicker effect. They use variable-speed recording equipment. They try to set it to the same rate that the cine film is playing, crudely matching up the speed. The results are modest to say the least. Others scan in each clip frame-by-frame, upload it to a computer and then using electronic AVI and MPEG editing software play around with the speed. To do this they have to add duplicate frames. The result is a film with worse playing quality than with the flicker effect. Of course they are hoping that you have not watched the films in a long time, so you do not know what the quality actually was! The absolute amateurs will convert the cine film to a video format. Then using an all in one DVD recorder, with push button editing capabilities try to adjust the quality.

Once the flicker effect is recorded onto your movie, no fancy video editing will sort it, it can not be removed. Any attempt to will reduce quality and fine detail that were on your original movies will now be lost. To save time some companies encode your film at a set rate, normally a low rate so that more footage will fit onto your DVD or Video. We utalise a "varible" rate encoding process, which results in fantastic quality movies that the whole family will enjoy watching. Nice natuaral colour and the faces that you have not seen in decades come to life once more. We can even transfer your movies to AVI and burn them onto DVDs or CDs, so that you can edit them at home.

We transfer cine films for major TV companies, Blue Chip Companies as well as major Univerity research archives.

Client Review of Cine to AVI

Below is some reviews from delighted customers who had either 8mm or super 8 cine film converted to AVI clips

8mm film transfer -
"We received the DVDs last week. Everything was first class, my father had some great old footage from the 1960s and 70s which we had never seen."
Murty - Coventry

8mm film transfer -
"I am really, really pleased with the transfer of my parents cine film to DVD, it will make a special Christmas present to them, they have never wanted to let someone touch their irreplaceable films but will be so pleased that we have done this for them. thanks again, will definitely recommend you"
Carolyn - London

Super 8 film transfer -
"I Received my box yesterday, they contained 3 hours of more than 30 year old 8mm films converted to DVD. Would like to let you know that I’ve been crying my eyes out while watching the DVDs, for they are fragments of my own and my siblings childhood... I’m so happy this material is now saved and hopefully some future generations will appreciate its sentimental value as much as I do... I’m visiting my mum next month and think that she has even more 8mm material in a cupboard wasting away, so I will get that rescued as well. Will be using you again and am very happy with the provided service"
Gill - Bolton

See more quotes ....

Cine Services |  Cine to AVI , Mov, Mpeg

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