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Transfer Cine to Video

Transfer Cine to Video

Fee per minute of Video 1.00


What Type of Video to transfer to?

Simple Fair Pricing: £1 per minute of domestic cine (Super 8, 8mm, 16mm) film transferred to Video such as 8mm DVCAM, DV Cam, MiniDV, Mini DV, VHS, Hi-8, and Betacam SP

Eg =10 reels of 4 minute films = £40 (10 x 4 minutes = 40 mins x £1 = £40)

The minimum order is £25 and the minimum transfer is 25 minutes, if your films are less than 25 minutes then still put '25' in the Quantity box so you get the order up from the minimum.

(Rare 9.5mm format is £2 per minute eg 30 mins cost £60 ie you put 60 in QUANTITY)

Calculate the film running time HERE >>>

Notes / Tell us how many reels ? (price not affected)

Optional Extra's:

1. Film Enhancement
2. We collect your films
3. Cine Viewer / Projector Hire
5. Screen Titles e.g. The End !
6. 8mm Film Transfer Background Music

Enter the Number of Mins in Quantity Box

FREE DELIVERY ! Prices are plus VAT

Unless it is VHS then the price DOES NOT include the tape. Eg if you wanted it transferred to Mini DV then you need to send us a Mini DV tape with your films. Alternatively you can contact us and we can source the tapes in for you and add this to the bill.

We offer incredibly Fast service, averaging just five days with a maximum of ten days or you don't pay!

So easy to Order

So easy to Order

Ordering is so Easy !

Order everything here and pay online, then print off your order and send it to us with with your cine films for transfer to Video or you can call your order through or visit our studios in Bristol personally

4 Simple Steps:

Step 1. Put the No. of minutes in the Quantity box and click the Add to Cart button

Step 2. Choose any other extras you desire such as Extra Video or DVD Copies, Film Enhancement, ScreenTitles to your movies, adding sound and music if you don't have Super8 movies

Step 3. Finish the online order and payment process as directed on screen. You can pay by credit / debit card, bank transfer, cheque or paypal.

Step 4. Print off the order - send a signed copy to us with your film masters to Cine to DVD, Portland Studios, 21 Portland Square, Bristol BS2 8SJ Note: We can collect your cine films from your work place or home anywhere on the UK mainland.

Still Confused ? Just give us a call and we'll provide a detailed quote over the phone and even email for your consideration.

What we give you FREE

What we give you FREE

1. Some firms ring you after they got your films saying it's an extra charge to transfer the sound - not us.

2. You won't get a call from us saying all your films are mixed sizes and speeds and thus requires more fees

3. Cine films have a dark fuzziness around the edge, we edit this out. Some firms charge and some just leave it in ! Worried about image cropping? Read our Technical Page.

4. We use Professional video tapes assuring top quality recordings.

5. Some companies load all your reels onto one big one, then press play. This gives terrible results as each film when originally recorded maybe at different speeds, focus etc. We treat each reel separately adjusting colour, sound, cropping etc.

6. Many lazy transfer companies record everything including the leader tape and the unexposed film at the end. Not us, your video will have a smooth flow of footage with all the boring white bits cut out.

7. Film Sequence: Many clients know their films and want them in a certain order (eg 1966, 1977, 1984) we are sometimes shocked to find clients have been charged extra for this simple request.

Client Review of Cine to Video

Don't take our word for it! Read each review from happy customers who had 8mm / Super 8 cine films converted to Video

"Thanks everything was great, we have sent the Video to our elderly relatives to view as it was their cine films. Many thanks"
Peter - Manchester
8mm film transfer -

"Hi Joan, have not had time to view every second of the DVDs but having skipped through them I have to report that I am very impressed with the standard of the copy. I am trying to get another batch ready, probably for the end of this month. I have about 80 small cine reels to edit. You will be pleased to know that I have recommended you to a couple of friends and will add a comment in the forum I contribute to in a couple of magazines I subscribe to."
John - Brighton
16mm film transfer -

"We are very, very pleased with the quality of the DVDs you produced from our cine film. The film dated from between 25 and around 50-odd years ago, belonging to my 81 year old Mother-in-Law and having lived in the lofts of various houses for as long as anyone can remember. Our Grandchildren are thoroughly enjoying seeing their Mum as a baby, and growing-up. Mother-in-Law is overwhelmed at seeing her late husband (and other long-gone family members) 'mobile' and smiling again. We had tried to get the film going, but the projector chewed up the first attempted film - and, as it turns out - the film are much clearer on TV than in the darkened room with the old screen. Thanks again"
Ian W - Cornwall
9.5mm film transfer

See more quotes ....

Trust our Quality

Trust our Quality

A majority of cine transfer businesses on the internet are individual operators who simply project your old cine films onto a wall or screen and video tape it off with a camera. With good intentions of course, however the results are expectedly poor. You can buy an old cine projector and video camcorder from Ebay and be set up for less than a few hundred pounds.

The largest problem to overcome with transferring cine film is synchronising. Most cine film was exposed at 18 or 24 frames per second, whilst today’s rate is 25 frames per second on your TV. Without properly synchronising your cine films you end up with a flicker due to missed frames. This makes the playback look like a Charlie Chaplin movie you'd watch at the old cinema.

Some better film transfer companies try to remove this flicker, using variable-speed recording equipment and attempt to match up the recording speed with the playing speed. Some put it through fancy filters on a computer and attempt to adjust it on screen. Due to duplicate frames, the results are again, poor quality. Of course, most people have not watched their footage in a good few years so they do not know what the quality should be.

If you have audio on your films (super-8) then what you find is the lip synch is out. Super8 sound much be edited with the pictures we do a review on this in our technical section. The worst companies are those who record your cines to a video format. Then using an all in one Video to DVD / CD / VCD burner with fancy electronics gadgetry in the form of push button editing trying to improve the movies quality. These machines encode straight to MPEG and miss out AVI altogether. AVIs are important.

Once recorded to film, the flicker is impossible to remove. Thus any editing to attempt to improve the quality only reduces any detail that was on your cine films. These machines also compress the clips, encoding at a set rate, which is normally low so that more footage can be squeezed onto your Videos or DVDs. We employ a variable rate which results in remarkable, non flickering, movies where the rich colour and faces come to life once more.

We do not just transfer for the public, we also work with the largest TV Companies, Video Production Units and an abundance of University research archives.

Cine Services |  Cine to Video

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P. York in London

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