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7 day Turnaround (+25.00)
5 day Turnaround (+10.00)
4 day Turnaround (+20.00)
3 day Turnaround (+30.00)
2 day Turnaround (+40.00)
1 day Turnaround (+50.00)
sameday Turnaround (+60.00)

This service will guarantee that your order is dispatched one day before your Deadline.

In the highly unlikely event we do not make it, we'll give you the money back for this service and refund the entire transfer service. We have never missed a Deadline to date.

Because this service has been selected by you it is subject to acceptance, what we don't want is someone sending 60 hours of cine and expecting it within 48 hours. Our team will let you know the same day we receive your order if we can't make the Deadline. In 99.9% of cases we do accept your Deadline and in 98% of cases if we do accept your Deadline we let you know within half an hour. If it's essential that you know right now just call us or click the Live Support link on the right, otherwise give it an hour and we'll confirm back.

Payment: We CAN NOT accept cheque payment for this service, sorry. PayPal, Debit / Credit Card / Cash is fine. This is due to the fact that the cheque may not clear before the order is despatched.

What is your Deadline (to avoid any confusion that you selected the wrong service)

Why we never miss Deadlines

Why we never miss Deadlines

Many companies operate a ''fingers crossed it'll be alright on the night'' other companies operate a ''tell the customer anything just to get the order'' and others use the ''pile up the work and he/she who shouts the loudest gets the order sooner.''

There is no need for such stress on both sides, all is needed is a timing for each film job and a diary. Obviously our computerised system is a lot more sophisticated however it operates on the same principle. Any orders that arrive in are checked in, given a task time +10 % leeway and then slotted into a schedule. We always stick tight to that schedule. Your Deadlines are important. We DO NOT break deadlines!

All jobs on a standard turn-around are added into the next available slot. We work on a simple first come first serve basis. This fee is for queue jumping. If we can't slot your job in to meet your vital deadline (e.g we have jobs that day which must meet their deadline and be done that day) then your job will be simply go onto an overtime shift for that particular day.

Your deadlines are IMPORTANT, we know you need the films for gifts for birthdays or as movie presentations at Weddings or business conferences. Rest assured that if we accept a deadline we always meet it.

Client Review of Express Film Transfer

Still worried we won't make your Deadline? Review these happy customers below who used our 16mm, super8 and 8mm film transfer to DVD, AVI, and MPEG

"Films arrived back in plenty of time for the anniversary party.... thanks they are great and I'm sure my parents will love the DVDs"
David Wright - 8mm film transfer

Just a quick "THANKYOU" for such a great service I received from you. The quality is great and the speedy service is second to none. I will defiantly recommend you. Thanks again."
Melissa Walker - 8mm film transfer

"They arrived on Monday which was a wonderful turn around time for which I am very grateful. The films are 40 year old films of my wife's childhood and will be given to her this weekend when she has her birthday. I have only had a brief look at the results as the subject matter is meaningless to me but it looks very good for film of such age. Thank you so much for the whole process...especially the ease of communication and - of course - the end result."
Jeremy Oakes - 8mm film transfer

Your favourite for 16mm, Super 8 and 8mm film transfer

See more quotes ....

The Meaning of

The Meaning of "Day"

A 'DAY' means a normal working day eg Monday to Friday, 9am - 5.30pm excluding delivery time.

A day does not include Bank Holidays, Public Holidays or Weekends (Saturday and Sunday). Turnaround will start when we have received absolutely ALL the items to perform your transfer (eg Cine films, videos, any Artwork, full Payment)

A day means a Full working day. This means if you have everything to us by 1pm we have lost 1/2 a day before we even start. Therefore the turn around will commence counting from the very Next day. Eg If you get everything to us by 9.30 am then we will have a full day to work with and thus the turnaround would commence straight away.

We apologise for coming across a little pedantic but we simply don't wish to disappoint you. Below is a scenario which occasionally happened before we added this lengthy explanation;

Mr. Client sends us a 8mm film transfer job for a Five day turn-around.

Monday 1st Jan:
Noon and Cine films arrive for transfer to DVD - we've already lost half a day

Tuesday 2nd Jan:
Customer specified they wanted some titles on the DVD disc but hasn't supplied what they want eg The Jones Family

We can not just go ahead and start transferring the films and put them to one side and then wait for the title text.

Wednesday 3rd Jan:
Late morning - Customer finally emails Words for the titles so the Job can now start as we have everything

Below are the differences interpretations in Turnaround Calculation:
If the customer selected the 5 Day Service:

Customer Says: Films for transfer arrived Monday 1st Jan, turnaround says 5 days so we should have job back by Friday 5th.

We say: Thursday 4th Jan (first full day) + 5 days = (Day 1 Thursday to Day 5 Wednesday) DVD dispatched Wednesday 10th to arrive on Thursday 11th

Trust us for your film transfer to DVD - We won't let you down!

Cine Services |  Transfer Extras |  Express Cine Film Transfer Service

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P. York in London

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