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We DO NOT use Frame-by-Frame Transfer

Two of the worst methods of converting cine film to DVD are “Frame by Frame” and “Projector and Camera” both are very similar in their process. Frame by Frame, due to the process is harmful to your cine films. Each frame is projected and a photograph, hopefully digital, is taken. Each photo is than linked together in a chain and the frame rate is adjusted by doubling some of the frames. They are doubled because film is around 18fps (frames per second) and TV is 25 fps, this is why many films flicker and the "doubled" ones don't look natural.

If a projector bulb is used your films can become burnt from the heat. It only takes a few seconds from a hot bulb it irreparably damage your cine films. Projector & Camera is very similar, except your cine is projected onto a wall and recorded with a video camera. The results are awful, washy, blurred, dark and skewed.

No.1 for super8, 16mm, 9.5mm, 8mm Film Transfer

• Money Back Guarantee: In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied we'll refund the costs of the transfer. All we ask is that you let us know that you are using the scheme and give us the chance to run off a 5 minute sample of your film before we do the order.

We take an average of just 5 days on our standard* transfer, usually 2 days if it's 8mm film transfer. We can transfer them much faster if you like, just use our Cine to TV Express Service. The maximum you will ever wait for a standard transfer is just 10 days, if we take longer we will refund our fees no questions asked. * Standard means 5 DVDs maximum.

• FILM LOSS INSURANCE: If we loose or damage your irreplaceable footage you will be compensated to a total of £2500. We have yet to receive a claim.

• SIMPLE PRICING: Our prices are fair, up-front and honest. We charge a simple flat rate of £1.00 per minute of domestic cine film transfer to DVD or video, eg 20 mins of film costs £20.00 If you want Cine to AVI clips, or MPEG then the price is £1.50 per minute eg 10 minutes of film costs just £15.00

• ALL TYPES OF CINE: Our studios handle all Super8 film (Super 8), 8mm film transfer and professional 9.5mm film, 16mm film and 35mm cine film. We take film recorded in all speeds and all sizes of cine reels.

• ANY FINISHED OUTPUT: Being the largest we digitally remaster and transfer your cine films to DVD, AVI and MPEG clips for editing. We also tranfer film to video such as VHS, Mini DV, DVCAM, Betacam etc.

• NO HIDDEN FEES: We do not ring you after we have received your films asking for more money for this and that. Many of our competitors start off with low rates and once they have done a review on your films they call you with a list of extra charges for cleaning, speed correction, focus adjustment, even having different reel sizes.

Customer Review of Cine to DVD

Here are some quotes from customers who had either super 8 cine or 8mm film transfer to DVD

8mm Film to DVD - "Thank you for the transfer of our 8mm films. I wanted to go locally but my husband convinced me you were the best. I'm glad to say he was right (for a change). The local firm did do a free sample for us and we have just compared these with your films which are much better. I am pleased to send you the rest of our collection next month ...."
Jane York - Northampton

Super8 Film to DVD - "We was quite worried about sending you my grandparents films as it was a surprise gift for their anniversary present.... Just like to thanks you for a splendid job but further more a big thanks for letting us know that half of them were damaged beyond use. This honesty is quite refreshing. I can assure you that the money you have saved us will be recouped from all the extra business I will get you from referrals"
David Seldon Essex - Bury

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"good quality and fast ..."
P. York in London

"you made us cry ... seriously Thank you"
B. Rickton in Manchester

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M. Jones in Cardiff

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H. Wright in Birmingham

"thanks for bringing all those memories back to life"
S. Johnston in Scotland